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Highlight Notes: Yes, some of the thinkers to whom I owe my mental freedom were religious, like Newton, a Christian who believed God made the Earth - but showed me why the Earth would have formed without a god's help, or Faraday, who opened all our eyes to electromagnetism - and a world of electrons that obey dice, not gods. The brilliance and physical insight of these and many other religious scientists' minds are the very things that make gods getting humans pregnant, or angels whispering to prophets in caves, seem infantile. Weird... ....I can see what geniuses said they could not - but then even a mouse on a giant's shoulder sees further if the giant is bowed in prayer. I'm not against the Creator or Creators, if they exist, if they ever existed. I'm not against the search for the Creator(s). What blows MY mind is that people think organized religion has anything to do with it at all. Wanna see "the grey-blue mist"? Music used: "Adagio in D Minor", from the "Surface of the Sun" soundtrack by John Murphy. Closing montage: "Wake up" by Arcade Fire, from the album "Funeral".
Reel:  Feeling lost
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Science Saved My Soul.:0014:58
This Remarkable Thing:0012:47
A Universe Not Made For Us (Carl Sagan on religion):0009:14

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