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How do I register for an account?

Why does Hive Video request read-only access to my YouTube account?

How do I create a Highlight Reel?

How do I edit or change a Highlight Reel's name?

Why won't a particular YouTube video play in Hive Video?


Registration: You can quickly sign up for free with a Google account on the registration page.

YouTube Account Access: There are features under development (including the ability to create a Highlight Reel from a YouTube playlist) that require read-only access to your YouTube account. Hive Video uses Google accounts for registration so we don't have to store your password or personal information. You may receive an email from Google acknowledging you've given Hive Video access.

Creating a Reel: First register and sign in. Once you login, you'll be directed to the Reels page. Click "Add Reel" and you'll be directed to the Editor where you can name your reel and start add highlights.

Editing a Reel Name: From the Reels page, click the Edit button for the Reel and you'll be directed to the Editor. To edit or change the Reel name, click the Reel Settings button and change the name on the Reel Settings page.

YouTube video won't play: YouTube video uploads can be set to not play through other apps (inc. Hive Video)--this is the choice of the uploader.