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Hive Video - Privacy Policy

Hive Video respects your privacy and will store as little personal information as possible.

Google Data: Hive video uses Google Authentication for Login, Registration, and YouTube access. Hive Video stores your Google email address so we can associate your account with your login.

Hive Video does not share your Google Profile information with any other parties. Hive Video does not have access to or store in any way, your Google account password. Hive Video will only access your YouTube account through features that you authorize such as creating a Highlight Reel from a YouTube playlist.

Hive Video Data: Any data in Public or Unlisted Reels is publicly available. Private Reels are only accessible to the user who created them. Hive Video may use anonymized data in Hive Video accounts without permission. This can include, but is not limited to, featuring Public Reels in 'trending Reels' or other such lists.